graduated compression

  • Improves circulation, athletic performance and recovery
  • Relieves aching, swelling, soreness
  • Prevents painful spider veins and varicose veins

ankle support

  • Relieves swelling in the foot
  • Adds stability to the foot and ankle area
  • Increases proprioception, the ability to feel your ankle’s position while moving

cushioned toe,
heel and sole

  • Prevents blisters and offers protection and comfort
  • Increases jumping power
  • Reduces friction and impact during activity

seamless shoe box

  • Reduces skin friction
  • Helps prevent corns and blisters

long top elastic cuff

  • Leaves no marks
  • Keeps socks up without binding
  • Offers freedom of movement without slipping

high filament yarns
for dryness

  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-microbial

Customized Sizing

  • Customized according to calf size and shoe size
  • Left/Right anatomical construction

One critical issue was sizing.
For example, two separate people who both wear size ten shoes, could have completely different calf sizes.
We created Thrusterz, so it would snuggly fit people by calf size and shoe size.

useful for all types of sports

Also for

Nurses, Teachers, Law Enforcements, Construction Workers
Airline Employees, Cashiers, Waitresses, Chefs, Maternity, Jet Setters